Friday, August 27, 2010

Eatin' Out 'N' About at Cafe Panini ~ Enumclaw, WA

1537 Cole Street Enumclaw, WA 98022
(360) 802-5132  

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Once a month The Hungry Housewives get together for brunch but with summer being so busy and half of us gone, we decide to leave the little ones at home and spend an afternoon in a neighboring town.
Sorry don't have all the prices or if the food names are incorrect- there was no online menu to go off of!
Just noticed- there's Dawn, Tamie, ME, and Dani in the reflection
In the front is an over-large paying area and a weird space on the right (sorry- no photo of that side).  On the left is a few little bistro chairs but everything is just for people eating for two being chummy with your neighbors.

We order waters (Dani has tea) and a Brushetta Appetizer to start.  Every time you order this, you're never sure what you're going to get- the bread could be toasty-crisp or soft like sourdough.  This time it was soft and tasted VERY good.  YUM.

I always wondered how some places do the apps- it seems sometimes you just get enough for how many is at your table instead of a set dish.  In this case, we got six pieces (ordered before Tamie arrived so we were short everybody getting two).  

The soup of the day: Chicken/Mushroom/Leek comes with mine and Tamie's meal.  Tamie liked it but I thought it was slightly low on the chicken and left an oily impression.

Tamie had ordered the Ham and Cheese 1/2 Panini with Soup Combo for $7.95.  Either that's a HUGE pepper...or a small sandwich.  Well, guess what- it's a small sandwich....almost like a glorified grilled sandwich.  Tamie said the best thing was the fresh tomato.  Yes, the tomato was fresh.  LOL  
Dawn ordered the Seared Salmon Salad with the dressing on the side.  She said, "The salad was pretty good though the salmon was a little underdone than I liked...but I cleaned the plate!"
For about $2 more than the lunch special, I could get an entree WITH a soup or salad choice so I decide to try the Eggplant Parmesan.  The first bite was a bummer because the circle piece on bottom of photo was undercooked (probably due to being thicker cut than the rest).  After I took that part off, the eggplant was cooked nicely.  I was a little disappointed in the noodles- very plain spaghetti.  Plus, it didn't say it was served over noodles and one of the reasons I chose it was because I didn't feel like pasta (and just had paninis the other day).
The highlight of all our food was Dani's Turkey Tuscany Panini.  She ordered the full size w/o soup and It. Was. Huge.  She only ate 1/2 and took the rest home.  She described it as being not too hot but nicely warm.  Her favorite part was the artichokes.  It had a nice sauce- not too overbearing and with a good flavor.  She also said, "The bread was the best part. Perfect."  Wish I had ordered it, too!!!!

We have been here quite a few times but I -for some reason- have never had to use the bathroom before.  Hmmm....let's just say that I'm SO glad I went AFTER I ate- it was a little scary.  Not gross but I would rather not have to think about it while eating.  Wish we had photos of the walk going TOWARDS the bathrooms!

Though there is no privacy for romantic dining or quiet corners to contain your kids, this is THE place to go for a good panini, or when you're with your girlfriends shopping around Enumclaw. 


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  1. I was going through and confirming that Alisa was the writter to all these WONDERFUL blogs and this one was showing as her first (oldest) one. You are a funny gifted writter and I really enjoy reading them. I like it when there is a happy ending or when stuff doesn't turn out too. Thanks for making THE HUNGRY HOUSEWIVES move into the next level!

    Laura McCarthy