Thursday, September 9, 2010

Shopping- Almost Necessities Enumclaw, WA

1602 Cole St Enumclaw, WA 98022
Look for them on Facebook, and on etsy

This is a cute little store in downtown Enumclaw around the corner from Sweet Necessities (see our review on them from Sept 4th 2010).  I love that it's a historical building- it used to be the old bank at one time.
A couple girlfriends and I were kid free so spent some time wandering around downtown.  This shop has a little bit of EVERYthing!
Though the style is less modern than what I'm into right now, there's something for everybody (the brown cabinet on the right would work perfect in my bedroom!).
They claim to have the largest selection of Yankee Candles in the area, and I must agree- there's a TON!  This is what makes this store one of my favorites for candles.

They carry enormous amounts of lace work including Heritage Lace so make sure to head to the back where there's an entire section.

Though I don't collect, I love the Jim Shore Disney line and I have a few girlfriends that are into the Fiesta Ware (I liked the matches my kitchen!).

Almost Necessities has their own web-site (which I found a little rough) and they also have an etsy shop so make sure to check them!

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  1. Sweet Necessities (around the corner)is worth a visit too. They have the best Salted Caramels around! Toby (the owner is really nice) and they have a huge selection of loose leaf tea. Both stores are owned by the same people.