Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Eatin' Out 'N' About at Chopstix Dueling Piano Bar ~ Tacoma, WA

Chopstix Piano Bar and look for them on Facebook
2702 6th Ave Tacoma, WA on a Sunday evening

To celebrate their birthdays, THH and friends like to go DO something or go out to eat.  In the case of the dueling piano bar Chopstix, we planned on entertainment AND good food!  What a disappointment...
First off, the only day we could all go was on a Sunday so there is no dueling- just piano playing (they take requests, etc).  When I called for reservations, there was a party of 30 and another smaller party being seated at 5pm so I made our time for 5:30. We arrived right on time so did as most ladies do after a long drive, we headed straight to the restroom.  Big mistake.  Not sure if it's the room freshener or what but the scent is so overwhelming that I skipped stopping by on the way out- ugh.
We were seated right by the piano which was going to mean good photos- yeah!  I asked the server for the specials which she said there wasn't any (though from the web-site, I knew that the Prime-Rib is $9.99 on Sundays).  We ordered drinks from a menu with no prices (that always bugs me) so wasn't too thrilled to pay $8+ for a small watered down martini.  A couple of the girls got beer (had to ask them to go back for lime for the corona) and tea (had to ask for the lemon).  We sat for quite a while before our waitress came back for our food order by which time we were STARVING.  The food was priced a little high (am assuming cause you're also paying for entertainment) so majority of us had settled on getting the Prime-Rib but as we were ordering, she told us they were all out of it but would substitute a London Broil.
The gals who ordered the side salads got those first which did not promise a good meal!  The blue cheese seemed like it had been frozen, then scooped out and plopped onto the lettuce like a cheese-patty.  Ewww.  As we were eating, we had to remind her to bring water more than once, and when we asked about the piano player, we were told he cancelled (WTH???!!).  
The waitress promises us coupons for a future date which is fine but we ask to speak to the manager.  Quite a while later, a different waitress comes out to tell us that she spoke with the manager, and we are to receive 25% off our bill.  I have to say- besides one other couple, the 5 o'clock groups and our party were the ONLY people in the place...wonder if they got a discount, too?

FINALLY our food arrives.  We asked them if they had fresh coffee, and the waitress said that if they didn't, she would make some.  Some time later she brings out a cup but goes back for creamer.  When she comes back to say there is NO creamer, we have her put her finger into the cup to show her how COLD the coffee is (would say it wasn't fresh, wouldn't you?).  BTW- check out the blue cheese glob on Tari's plate!  Bleh!  Below is her salad dinner which looked as if the toppings was from the bottom of... something...
Other than the epic fail that was the salads, the London Broil is not that bad.  The mashed potatoes were pretty good (had choice of that or fries) but the cooked veggies on the side was sparse...and I thought the broil was small, too.  One person ordered chicken strips and the criss-cross fries (hmm- not my first choice!) which she said she ate all of it only cause she was hungry...
Our highlight of the evening was getting to visit with each other and watch the Birthday Girl open her gifts!  BUT, since we were so bummed by the rest of the evening, we opt to hit another place for dessert and (hot) coffee so we ask for our bill.  Practically a HALF HOUR later, a few of the girls go to see what the hold up is and are shown back to the manager where they tell him just a bit of our issues with the evening.  When it's brought up how we asked him to come to our table earlier, he said that he couldn't because he was taking an order (???).  After all that, we were given our entire bill free- A FIRST FOR ME!  Though the service was terrible, we still tipped the waitress.   As we left, it occurs to me we didn't get our coupons for a future visit but I'm guessing that we won't be back LOL.  Someday, maybe we'll try another location!  In the meantime, it's off to find another location for dessert!

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  1. Glad you tipped the waitress! But seriously - that blue cheese... that looks disgusting....