Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Eatin' Out 'N' About at Red Robin......yummmmm.....  Auburn Supermall location, WA

Whenever anybody suggests Red Robin.......I cringe.  The thought that comes to mind is burgers and fries which I am forced to eat all of the time so it's not my first choice.  Over the weekend, though, we decided to go since we had a free kid meal coupon....and obviously I haven't been in lately because they've added new items to their menu!  Added dishes are fresh burger variations (of course), pasta plates, sandwiches and salads.

The atmosphere seemed perfect for everybody unless you're there for a romantic quiet meal.  The bar was filled and the TV (football was on) and music were just the right volume to cover up the sounds of families with young children.  Three birthday songs were sung (and clapped) with such enthusiasm that our 4 yr old stated that HERE is where he wants to go for his birthday this month!

For our free Kid Meal, the 4 yr old ordered the chicken strips (which he wouldn't touch because they weren't nuggets).  Since it was free and somebody ate the left overs the next day for dinner, it wasn't a waste. Our 12 yr old ate earlier so he just wanted something small and though he is two years over the age for the kid menu, our server suggested he get the kids' fish and chips.  I MUST SAY- our waitress (Deb from Auburn Supermall location) was a super sweetie.  I liked her a lot!
My hubby who only likes what he likes, got the Prime Rib Dip.  He should have substituted the side because he asked me "now what's in cole slaw???" LOL.  He also said "The sandwich was the right size but the prime rib could have been a bit more tender with more peppers but otherwise the seasoning was good along with the au jus."
I ordered the Grilled Chicken Alla Caprese and I must say yummmm is right!!  This was sooo good (tasted better than how the photo looks.  Sorry- had my camera phone).  Only things I would have changed was providing an additional piece of focaccia bread and to have the dressing on the side.  On the left were three slices of mozzarella, a salad with olives and pepperoni in the center, and yummy chicken with brushetta.  Caprese is my FAV dish anyways and I would eat this again.

Red Robin boasts they have bottomless fries which means that they automatically brought out an extra basket with our food.  It's always nice to have extras but would rather they had been delivered later so they'd be hot and fresh.  They are also very generous with drink refills- we weren't even half way finished and they brought us fresh glasses.

So, I'm glad we gave it a second chance!  ....and I'm crossing my fingers on winning $1,000 cash or iPOD after I fill out their online survey ;)

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  1. now I know why when I mentioned it in Covington you went in a totally different direction... should have said something..