Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Eatin' Out 'N' About at Sushi Town ~ Bonney Lake, WA

Sushi Town in Bonney Lake (couldn't find a regular web-site but they are on FB). Winner of the King 5 Best Of Western WA for Sushi
I see all my girlfriends posting on Facebook about coming here but I hadn't been to that location since there was some noodle place here a few years back.

My daughter, though, has been here a bunch of times so when her Grandma Patty came over to visit, three generations decide to met here for lunch.  Surprisingly, the place is pretty filled up for 3 pm (it was decorated for Halloween during the time of the picture).  They have a cool bar area but we choose to sit at a table.  The place is small but it doesn't feel crowded.

We order two ice teas and a diet coke which for $1.50 each the drinks are HUGE (which saves time during refills I'm sure).
Since it's our first time, my daughter order a few dishes with the first being a Gyoza Appetizer which just happens to be on Happy Hour Prices for $4.00.  It was cooked perfectly- not over crisp at all.
I knew I liked California Rolls so we get those, too (shown left).  They are also priced for Happy Hour (which we didn't realize) and then my daughter ordered Trapper which is her favorite.  I admit, I liked the Trapper best, too- DE-lious.  They don't have their info online so sorry don't have better food description!
Thank you for introducing me to Sushi Town...can't wait to come here, again!

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