Monday, January 17, 2011

Eatin' Out 'N' About at Zato's (again) ~ Bonney Lake, WA

Zato Grill & on FB
20609 SR 410E  Bonney Lake, WA

This is my third visit at Zato's since they opened.  The first time was for my 34th birthday Dec '09 where we ran into a few snags- 1/2 our drinks came...then the other 1/2 twenty minutes later, waitresses were super slow, and we had problems using our coupon but it seems that they have smoothed things out since then! (***scroll down for pics from that day). 

Our second visit (see link here) was for a late night dessert after the biggest DISASTER MEAL I've ever had at a dueling bar in Tacoma for our friend Dani's BDay in Oct 2010.  But this time (Jan 5, '11), instead of being out with the girls, I brought my hubby and we had a little mini date while out making holiday returns.

Recently I have fallen in love with a new wine from Sip City Wines but they didn't carry it here (OH, you should SO put in on your menu!) so I opted for just a water and then got California Rolls.  I should have asked if I could get them in a 1/2 order since hubby won't touch them but I finished off all but two on my own.  They were good but didn't hold together as well as they should- most fell apart in my chopsticks.

Hubby ordered an Immortal IPA to drink which he hadn't had before.  He said it tasted like his beloved Mac & Jacks but it had a different...smell(?) making it not quit up to par with M&J.  He then started with a cup of the Soup Of The Day...which I so wish that I had ordered, too!  It was a Chicken Pot Pie Soup which we decided was superb (and he's lucky he got what he did cause I kept sneakin' bites...I WAS hungry!).  I like how the "crust" was in pieces instead of covering the top and the veggies were super good!  I'm going to have to call and see when they are serving this again...
He also ordered the special for that night (they have something each day) which happened to be the Prime Rib Dinner for $15.99.  Personally, I can't stand Prime Rib (reminds me of flesh straight off the cow!) but it's something he orders often.  He says it was good but he's not sure if he'd order it again because he forgets how much "cooler" Prime Rib is, and he's now starting to lean towards a hotter temperature steak. For sides, it came with mashed potatoes and veggies (string beans are his favorite).  
For my main dish, I ordered the Fish Tacos.  So many of my friends rave about fish tacos so I had ordered them once at Hop Jacks's (link to HJ is not when I had the tacos though) but they were breaded so were not as healthy tasting to me.  At Zato's, it came breaded or grilled so I thought I would give the fish tacos another chance.
Very nice (definitly healthier "tasting" than breaded) but was suuuper messy!  It seemed fresh but needed a lot more salt.  The fries were really tasty by the way and even good the next day (I couldn't finish all my rolls or fries so took a box home).  
As for the service, I HAVE TO SAY that our server (Sami?) was SUPER nice and very attentive.  In fact, "somebody" (he didn't introduce himself so owner/manager?) came over to make sure we were enjoying our meal, too.  Our food arrived promptly and we didn't have to wait for our bill or the to-go-box. On FB, we see specials all of the time so now we can't wait to come in again- THANK YOU!

***OUR FIRST VISIT here for my birthday last year Dec 2009 (was before we started blogging)
Pretty Drinks!
...But those were gone before the rest of us got our drinks so missed our toast!
Sushi Sampler (top right is what I got recently- looks even better now)
Aren't these CUTE?
Potstickers I believe...
And ME.  I added because I WAS my birthday ;)
Probably seems gross adding this in with the food but
I HAD to add a photo of their cool black toilets!

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