Saturday, July 31, 2010


Doesn't EVERYbody blog nowadays?  The neighbor...the girl you knew from high school....your dentist.  And since Twitter limits you to such few words at a time, and with Facebook (which I love) you are limited in not being able to talk about yourself TOO much or you'll get hidden, I suppose that leaves blogging as our only available option!

At first, I'm sure the posts will seem random and I should really focus on one specific area but since this is the beginning and I'm only on here pleasing myself, I am going to post on whatever strikes my fancy each day.  Plus, if my blog is mainly about be honest, my interests are all over the place so of course that's going to leak out anyways!  Please ignore any incorrect grammar, the caps, my over-use of "!", and typed-in facial expressions but since I write how I speak, at least you'll be able to hear my "voice" coming off the screen ;)

I hope you -at least more than occasionally- enjoy what I have typed in.  Thank you for reading!

Alisa Kay

My daughter Jordan, Me (Alisa) and son Alex

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