Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Favorite Things Right Now: beauty, TV, clothing accessories and electronics

Here's some of my favorite things at the moment:
J.R. Watkins Hand Soap
My WHOLE family adores this hand soap!  At first I didn't want to spend the extra $ but you can totally tell the difference from the cheap-ies...soap is not just soap!  Now we're totally addicted!  The 5 yr old asked if we can put another bottle in the upstairs bathroom, too.
Cover Girl Olay Simply Ageless Serum Primer
I've been eye-balling primers but they can be pretty pricey so when I came across this one day for around $15, I had to pick it up! Promoted as a "3 minute face lift", it helps with elasticity and fills in the lines/wrinkles to help your foundation go on smoother -making you look younger.  The best part is, you can use without foundation so it is an instant pick me up!
Downton Abbey
LOVE this show!!!!  From PBS it's now only available for purchase and to rent.  It's SO, SO good! Reminds me of Upstairs, Downstairs
Eternity Scarves
Having a little love affair with these right now.  With all my running around, I hate when I lean over and my scarf goes into my food, etc the perfect solution is a scarf that is a complete circle.  Pics shown here are with jewelry pins which I wouldn't wear but ...
Normally I am a "pointy-toe-shoe-gal" wanna-be (that's a story for another day) but I bought a pair of grey flat boots similiar to these at Target and they have been MY.FAVORITE. I don't even take them off when I get home.  And the best part is...when I'm out, my heels don't get stuck in the sidewalk!
Hubby's Camera
Since my camera "broke" (Canon S3IS) this technically is Hubby's camera but I've loved using it!  It's a Nikon D40X. Ours has this HUGE lens (18/135 millimeter).  Right now I'm a little frustrated though because my flash keeps getting stuck in the down position but I -seriously- think it's worn out from overuse!....I'm not taking the blame for breaking another camera though...
T Mobile My Touch 4G
MY NEW PHONE!  I am TOTALLY loyal to T-Mobile so will be with them forever. I got my first smart phone two years ago but cancelled the internet to save money. But when my daughter needed a new phone and the special was buy one, get one FREE...I had to go for it! I'm absolutely in love with my apps! I have no need for an actual Kindle (the app is free and the touch screen is nice), I don't have to worry about forgetting my big navigator, and if the kids forget their DS, I can click on the Angry Birds game! I also like "My Days" App to keep track of your womanly cycle, when you take your pill (I use it for remembering my allergy shot) and you can keep track of when you're fertile which we are SO not interested in!  My 5yr old son's favorite app is my flashlight which actually has three brightness levels, and Hubby's is Disneyland Wait Times app which shows you -in real time- the line wait for the rides at Disneyland (so cool).

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