Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Borrower Of Books- A Vintage Affair by Isabel Wolff

Just finished this book and I liked it so much!  A Vintage Affair is about a woman named Phoebe who turns down a promotion at her work to open her own vintage clothing boutique.  She believes that each clothing item carries a history and when you buy one of her pieces, you are actually buying a person's past.

Based in London, Phoebe is a woman in her 30s who -though she seems fine on the outside- is going through a lot of internal struggle and guilt and so throws herself into opening her new store.  During a routine clothes pick up, she meets an elderly woman whose past war-time tragedy far outweighs Phoebe's problems, and it helps her to face her own regrets.

Favorite part:  the story of the blue coat!  So sad.  Also, I liked that though you are HOPING for a certain romance for her, it's not obvious what path her life is going to take.  ...and of course, THE CLOTHES!  Makes me want to shop vintage...and now I know the time period for my body type LOL

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