Sunday, October 17, 2010

Eatin' Out 'N' About at Hop Jacks ~ Bonney Lake, WA

Hop Jacks but couldn't find on Facebook
21290 Hwy 410 Bonney Lake, WA
I've been here a few times for dates, family dinner and a birthday celebration but for this trip, my friend Dawn and I were just out lunchin'.  Hop Jacks (name based on the hops used for making beer) is 1/2 family seating area and 1/2 bar which is separated by this cool metal art (sorry no photo- only had my camera phone!). 

I just get a water but Dawn orders the Hand Shaken Bloody Jack...Oops Mary.  The green bean was limp and tasted canned and she said it didn't taste that good (personally, Bloody Marys remind me of shrimp dipping sauce so yuck anyways!).
We have a hard time deciding what to get but settle on splitting the California Turkey Sandwich (mainly because it was one of the few sandwiches NOT on a ciabatta roll!) and each having French Onion soup.  I was bummed about my soup....the top was overly cooked making the entire soup soooo hot, it was hard to eat even AFTER I had finished my sandwich!  Also, I wish it had came with croutons instead of the oyster crackers.
Loved, loved, loved my sandwich that we shared!!!  First off, it was SO BIG (that's what she said! haha) and it tasted super yummy.  The bacon (oh, who doesn't love bacon!) were these nice thick slices and the turkey was very generous.  Described as "Roasted Turkey with bacon, provolone cheese, avocado, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pesto may on thick 9 grain bread" and came with your choice of chips, fries, fresh fruit, or salad.  Only bad thing I can say is that the avocado was a little sparse and a tad over ripe but I will be ordering this again!!!

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  1. We LOVE Hop Jack's! Have never had a bad meal there since they opened. I have never ordered the Bloody Mary... I like beer when we go there :)