Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Recipes- Card Making Brunch

While the husbands are away.....the wives will.....


Seems to be our tradition that whenever our hubbies are out of town on business or otherwise, we use that time to get together to scrap or stamp.  If I'm given consecutive DAYS, I'll possibly get something done but these one day-ers mean I will leave not finishing anything LOL.  Thats OK with me because the conversation is a form of therapy....though a lot cheaper ;) My friend Heather hosted today and -besides the company- the best part is getting to eat!!!
Since I had to wait for the littlest to wake up, I was later to Heather's than I was hoping but when I got there, I was treated to coffee, muffins and candy (OH!  Orange Slices remind me of my late Grandpa Hawkins!).
For lunch, we started off with a yummy, yummy salad with our choice of dressings.  Then Heather dished up some deli potato soup and served with a side bread warmed in the oven.
Card Making Brunch Menu

Fall Pumpkin Muffins
Follow the directions for any muffin mix (pumpkin in this case) but when filling muffin cups, add a dollop of cream cheese then bake as directed.

Heather's Salad
Tomatoes- sliced into thin wedges
Carrots- shredded
Walnuts- chopped
Hard Boiled Eggs- sliced
Toss all together and serve with your choice of dressing

Bread and soup were a total delicious cheat...which is the best way!  Make sure to get items fresh from the grocery deli and warm using the stove instead of a microwave for a home-baked taste.

Thank you Heather!!!

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