Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Borrower Of Books- Someone To Love by Jude Deveraux

At first glance, you'll think this is just some "romance" but actually, this is a ghost story.  

Jace's fiancée Stacy committed suicide three years ago while they are on vacation in England but he cannot believe that she took her own life.  He grows more suspicious when he finds a postcard inside of a paperback she'd been reading with the words "Ours again. Together forever. See you there" dated the day before her death.  Unable to move on with his own life, he decides to purchase the house from the postcard and moves to the rural town in England where everybody knows your business.  

Soon he discovers the house is haunted by an old ghost whose apparent suicide parallels Stacy's.  Not sure who he can trust, Jace ends up getting help from unexpected sources and has to make the decision if he really wants to know the truth of what happened.

Not many love stories are told from the man's point of view so  it was refreshing to have different insights to situations.  I liked how this is not a scary or gory ghost story but handled the ghost side of it as if they really were real people.  Also, the main character has a sense of humor that completely comes across in the audio version (I used a "Playaway" which is the BEST way to listen to a book!).  I found myself laughing out loud quite a few times which is always awkward when you've got headphones on- people think you're crazy!  

Hope that you enjoy!

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