Monday, November 8, 2010

Eatin' Out 'N' About at Mr. Jalapeños ~ Bonney Lake, WA

Mr. Jalapeno (not on FB)
21160 St Rt 410 E Bonney Lake, WA
My mother was in town from Idaho so we thought this would be a nice place for a dinner that wasn't too expensive, and since we have been without TV for a few months, it was great to watch the World Series on their big screen.
The owners of this restaurant used to have a place within walking distance of our home so after they sold it, we were happy when they opened a new restaurant.  All the people that work here are SUPER nice and accommodating- makes you feel at home!  It's a bummer that their web-page needs a little work (on the first page is two misspells and the photos are hazy).  You can view their history which is nice but the menus are not completed/detailed enough and it needs spell-check, too.  
Of course, like all Mexican restaurants, we're served chips and salsa but this is my FAV place because they serve the home-made chips with a yummy pico de gallo along with the salsa.  YUM- could eat with every meal (in fact, I top my leftovers with it).
My husband ordered the #5- an enchilada and tostada combo.  He really liked the rice especially.
My mom ordered the enchiladas.  Though it said a single, there were two (not sure if that's regular or a fluke) which was nice because we had enough extra for dinner tomorrow (I see she topped it with pico de gallo, too)
My 12 yr old got the quesidilla which he said "was VERY good", and we ordered an enchilada for the 5 yr old though he doesn't eat.  I was hoping he'd try it but if he didn't, somebody else could eat it.  Problem was, all the plates come VERY hot (which is so nice- I hate cold food) but the kid's enchilada was served on a cold plate making the food itself cold.  Which, I realize, is good for kids to not burn themselves but a room-temp plate would have been nicer.
I have this thing about ALWAYS ordering the same thing at Mexican restaurants- Arroz Con Pollo. Yum, yum, yum.  This comes with a stack of warm tortillas- I recommend it to everybody!!!
Thank you Mr. Jalapeño for another good dinner- we'll be seeing you soon :)

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