Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Flick- My top picks for Meg Ryan

November 19th is Meg Ryan's birthday.  Back in the day, she used to be one of my top-pick actresses.  I may snuggle up this weekend with my all time favs:

Sleepless In Seattle (obvious choice!)
American Comedy Award Funniest Actress In A Motion Picture (Leading Role)
Nominated- Golden Globe Award for Best Actress- Motion Picture Musical or Comedy 
Nominated- MTV Movie Award for Best On-Screen Duo (w/Tom Hanks)
Nominated- MTV Movie Award for Best Female Performance
I've always had a fascination with Seattle growing up and now live near here so it's one of my favs.  Co-Starring Tom Hanks (if Meg Ryan is the girl next door, he is the BOY next door!), this is a different love story as the main characters (SPOILER) don't meet until the end.  He's a widow and she's recently engaged but for some reason, she cannot stop thinking of him after she hears him talking to a local radio show about how much he loved his late wife.  There are a lot of references/coincidences that run parallel to the movie An Affair To Remember
Favorite scenes: conversation with the radio program (of course) "...what was so special about your wife?" " long is your program?" and the part about the woman who's remodeling and keeps wanting to move the cabinets, and the shot (you can see Pike Place!) where they discuss how women are into butts now and his best friend checks out his butt for him- too cute.
With Alec Baldwin (back when we all liked him), this story is one of my TOP favs of all time!  It's about a woman who on her wedding day, is asked by an elderly gentleman if he can kiss the bride.  When they do, their spirits switch places (he's in her body, she's in his) causing her husband to have to see beyond the physical to the person within. 
Favorite Lines:  "'re doing it again.  You take a perfect situation and you pee all over it"  (actually, I use that line A LOT...never realized this is where I got it!) and "Can I give you two a piece of advice?  ...FLOSS."

Nominated American Comedy Award Funniest Actress In A Motion Picture (Leading Role)
Love, love, love this movie!!!  Meg's character (Kate) is deathly afraid to fly so when her husband (Timothy Hutton) goes to Paris on a trip, she bails out.  While there, his phone calls become less frequent until one night, he confesses he's fallen in love with a French woman!  Kate jumps on an airplane and ends up seated next to Luc (Kevin Kline).  They have all these adventures together as he "helps" her try to get her fiancée back.  
Favorite scenes with these lines "Lactose intolerance!!!!!!!!!!!", and "Fester, fester, fester.  Rot, rot, rot.", and "Ooooooh!  Beautiful!  Wish you were here!"  All said with Meg Ryan flair- can hear her voice in my head right now!

When Harry Met Sally (another obvious choice!)
American Comedy Award Funniest Actress In A Motion Picture (Leading Role)
Nominated- Chicago Film Critics Association Award for Best Actress
Nominated- Golden Globe Award for Best Actress- Motion Picture Musical or Comedy
I love how this movie uses interview format for part of it as if they were speaking to real in-love couples.  This is about two people that meet a few different times in their lives and go from deciding to not be friends, to being best friends, to being lovers, and then to hating each other.  Of course with the fine line between love and hate they (SPOILER) end up together in the end.  This story touches on the complexity of relationships between men and women and centers around the question if men and women can JUST be friends. 
Favorite scenes- the conversation about the Days Of The Week Underpants:  "Where is Sunday??...They don't make Sunday...because of God", the part where he's signing Surrey With A Fringe On Top karaoke and his ex walks up, and the scene about putting your name in all of your books NOW because you'll be arguing over them someday.


  1. Nice picks.Meg is one of my favourite actresses and I've even got a blog dedicated to her movies so it's nice to meet another fan.
    Paul S.

  2. Thank you Paul!
    Checked out your blog- didn't realize there were so many parallels with Meg and Michelle! Thanks for sharing :D