Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Flick- Letters To Juliet (released 2010)

For what it is (a sweet romance), I liked this movie!  My girlfriends and I decided to watch this together by hosting a dinner and a movie which was a lot of fun.  See our blog about it and recipes at: Italian Dinner/Movie Night

This is about a young woman (I felt she was a little too young- a more mature actress would have been better) named Sophie played by Amanda Seyfried (Momma Mia and Dear John) that goes to Italy for a pre-Honeymoon trip with her restaurant owner fiancée (Gael Garcia Bernal from The Motorcycle Diaries).  

When she is left to her own devices as he does food/wine tours, she ends up helping a group of women who give advice to other women that stick letters in a stone wall...kind of like an Ann Landers Romance Wailing Wall. One letter about a lost-love, that is stuck behind a stone, dates back 50 years and it touches Sophie so much, she sends a reply.  Moved by what Sophie has written, the woman (long time actress Venessa Redgrave) comes to meet Sophie escorted by her grandson (Australian actor Christopher Egan from Eragon- who reminds me a LOT of deceased actor Heath Ledger).  

OK, all that I just wrote is in the previews!!!!  By the description so far though, you can guess Sophie ends up spending quite a bit of time with the woman and her grandson as they search for the man mentioned in the 50 year old letter.  Through their search, it causes Sophie to question her plans for her own life.

Favorite part of the movie:  Basically the IDEA of being in Italy...{sigh}.  The scenery was beautiful of course and who doesn't love the idea that love has no expiration date?

**********************SPOILER ALERT************************

OK, I really cannot see how the main character and her fiancée even got engaged.  There is no chemistry between them and they don't seem to have anything in common.  When they are going to the wineries, she seems kind of whiny (LOL) which almost made you not like her.  Yes, he's being insensitive by doing stuff he wants to do but she's almost downright rude and not enjoying herself at all!  That being said, though there is a little bit of the "in the beginning we hate each other because we really like each other" stuff with Sophie and the grandson, I don't see a great love here either.  I think it boils down to they should have cast a different actress for the main character.
Also, the way the older woman reunites with her old love from her original letter is almost kind of speedy-creepy like- let's wrap up the story!!!  Made it a little less believable.  And the Romeo-Juliet-Balcony scene at the end?  How the heck did she end up in that building? haha

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