Thursday, January 27, 2011

Recipes- Baked Brie Two Ways: Crescent Rolls for FOODball and Phyllo Dough for Brunch at my house

When we ate at Purple Cafe and Wine Bar, I fell. in. love. with their Baked Brie!  During a recent Housewives Brunch, I attempted to make this using phyllo dough.  Hmmm....let's just say THANK YOU to my friend Jody haha.  It was yummy...just looked a little funky.  Then, while watching football playoffs, my friend Moira brought another version- this one made with crescent rolls.  Here are both recipes- both yummy though I MUST SAY that Moira's is prettier!  Hope you enjoy them as much as we did (and remember to take a walk after to burn off some of those calories!).

Baked Brie (with Crescents) by Moira
You will need Brie, raspberry jam (any brand), candied nuts and crescent rolls.  Cut the Brie in half, spread the jam and cover with LOTS of the nuts.  Put other half of Brie on the top (like a Brie Oreo!).  Spread out the crescent roll dough and put Brie in the middle- bringing the edges up to cover the sides and top.  If you are creative, use the extra dough to make a pretty decorative top (can make by hand or use small cookie cutters).  Brush an egg wash over the top and seams.  Cook 350* for 18-20 minutes.  Was super good- I ate mine just like pie ;)
The POOR Housewives!  I don't always pre-try the things I foist on them so I did my experimental Brie during one of our brunches.  Along with the trial dish, I also served Carr Crackers with spread topped with shrimp, a veggie tray with Ranch dip, edemame (in the pods with rock salt), pickled garlic (SOSOSO good even right out of the jar!) and brownies for dessert made in an 8x8 pan so they were nice and thick!

Baked Brie with Phyllo Dough
Phyllo Dough (buy GOOD QUALITY!  I had boxes in my freezer from the batch that ruined my Baklava but I used it anyway since I didn't want to waste it.  It was good- just very flaky!)
Olive Oil
Apricot preserves
Supplies for candied nuts- almond slivers, brown sugar and butter
The night before, defrost your phyllo dough in the refrigerator (or as Alton Brown does it, microwave it briefly right before using).  The next day, cook diced onions in olive oil on low until it is carmelized.  As it is cooking, bring out your Brie (in this case, I used a large size from Costco so cut it into fourths and put what I didn't use back in the fridge).  For me, I sometimes like my Brie without the outer white casting so lightly scrap it off with a knife.  
PREPARE THE ALMONDS:  melt a small amount of butter, toss in about a cup or two of almonds and stir to coat.  Add some brown sugar (start with less then add to your preference) and coat.  Put into the toaster oven to toast.  Top with a generous layer of the apricot preserves, your onions, and A LOT of the candied almonds.  
Add WAY more toppings than shown here!
Following the directions with the phyllo dough, unroll and cover loosely with a dampened towel to prevent from drying out.  Using a large cooking sheet, lay out a single layer of dough and then brush with oil- repeat 5 times (my cookie sheet was large enough that I made TWO Baked Bries at the same time).  Place the Brie layer in the center of the dough (shown above) and then fold as tightly as you can- using olive oil as a "glue" to help it stick (THANK YOU JODY for help in that part).
Then bake in a 350* oven until phyllo dough is a nice golden brown and the cheese has a "give" (so it's melted inside).  Keep an eye on it!!!  Serve with crackers and grapes.

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