Thursday, January 13, 2011

Recipes- for Football Playoffs (or is that FOODball?): Wings, Skins and more

Though I'm not that much into Football (adore those pants, though), OF COURSE I'm going to root for our Seahawks when they are in the playoffs ...and it was a GREAT game!!  Our friends the Bakers were gracious enough to offer their home, provide some YUMmy food, and Dawn even took most of these pics!  Thank you- can't wait for Sunday's game!

Chicken Wings
Purchase frozen chicken wings from Costco, and Franks Hot Wing Sauce (recipe is also on back of bottle).  Some of these were made in the crockpot (Dawn says she doesn't recommend- makes it more soggy and not as flavorful).  You can also bake in the oven but they tasted AMAZING in the deep fryer!  They also cooked some just plain.  You can serve with Blue Cheese Dressing or Ranch.
Seth's Potato Skins
Lightly oil clean potatoes with olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt.  Bake until done.  Once cooled, slice lengthwise and scoop out the middle (can use insides for another day).
Add a dab of butter, crispy bacon (REAL BACON ONLY) that was cooked earlier, green onions and pepper-jack cheese.
Place in back over until warm and cheese is melted.  Dip in sour cream.  These were some of THE. BEST. skins I've had!
Our friend Moira and Seth both had the good idea to bring the pork with hot mustard.  That mustard was soooo hot- it was wonderful!  Moira's was from QFC (all nice and presliced) and Seth got his from Costco (you have to cut yourself).  Either way it's good!

We also had a veggie platter (I bought one from Costco but we didn't open it so saved it for a brunch a few days later).  Nothing beats FRESH vegetables, though- washed all nice and hand cut ;)
Chips and Dips are always yummy- they used Miss Grass Onion Soup mixed with sour cream (yum).  Also bought from Costco was their Spinach Dip to serve over crackers.  This is one of the best dips they have there!
And what's a Football Game without BEER?  Course Dawn shared the wine we purchased at Sip City Wines this past week (such a good friend!).  Dessert was Linda's Organic Cacoa Coconut Balls, Tari brought Carolyn's Won-Ton Chips, and Linda also made a Verde Chip Sauce (recipes to come soon...can't get EVERYthing in here!).

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