Friday, March 4, 2011

Cleaning and Organizing- Emptying The Fridge {shudder}

This is the photo I've ever taken. I was cleaning a few things out of the fridge- nothing horrendous, nothing moldy. Once started, I couldn't stop my self and started looking at condiments and such.  Here's what I ended up with.  I am ashamed.
Ignore non-paint trim & particle board counters- we're remodeling
Snow Cone Syrup- not sure how long we've had this but pretty sure it's over a year. Yuck.
Sundried Tomatoes- didn't realize these expired but the date said '08. huh.
Yogurt- What??? Well, my kids weren't thrilled with the dual squeeze up kind and the rest I blame on the grocery store.  I swear we didn't buy them that long ago but I had to toss out 4 kids' and 3 regular containers. Hubby would have probably eaten but -I don't know- I didn't want to gamble with the kids' lives.
Parmesan Cheese and Minced Garlic- I couldn't find an expiration date but we've had it quite I prefer the real stuff

Cranberry Mustard- bought this for an event around Christmas and it was hiding
Coffee- WTH?? Have NO idea how that happened! And Starbucks on top of it!
Package of Flank Steak- My bad. Shoved it somewhere and forgot it was in there.
The Pickle Jar- ...running joke with my hubby and his love affair with pickle juice. He puts it in EVERYthing! String beans, potatoes, get the idea. I bought a fresh jar and didn't want to keep two in there (they're huge).
Creamer- I started a diet and so couldn't finish this and since it was Pumpkin, nobody else would touch it.
1/2 an avocado, 3/4 bag of lettuce, 1/2 package of corn (which the kids begged for), 3/4 Costco size of grapes, and a lemon- Well, I'll take responsibility for the lemon (bought to make more baklava that I never did) and the corn since I should have made for dinner but the rest is the families fault.  They ask for these veggies but nobody eats them.
Costco Muffins- my BIG irritation! These are a luxury so don't know WHY the begged-for-items were not eaten and with the ridiculous high calories, I wasn't about to devour them....slathered in butter...warmed in the oven...OK- that's why we don't buy them that often!!!

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