Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Eatin' Out 'N' About at Bahama Breeze ~Tukwila

Bahama Breeze in Tukwila by Westfield Center (Southcenter Mall) on June 20th about 3 pm
15700 Southcenter Parkway Tukwila, WA 98188

For Mother's Day, we drove by and called a ton of restaurants but everybody was booked or there was a two hour wait. By chance, one of us remembered Bahama Breeze (which we had never eaten at) and when we called, we were told there was NO wait. OK, this kind of makes you a little nervous but we were starving and decided we didn't care.

Each Mom that came in got a rose and we were promptly seated though the place was pretty full. The decor is supposed to remind you of the Caribbean Islands though with small kids (and being married to a Mickey Freak), it reminded us of a place in Disneyland.

Considering this was almost two months ago, I can't remember all that we ordered but we came away absolutely THRILLED with our food- everything was so yummy! So when it was time to go out for Father's Day and my daughter's 16th Birthday, we had to go there again even though it was a 45 min drive from our house!

There were no flowers for the Dads but once again we were seated right away. This time, we knew we wanted to try a new appetizer (last time we got DE-licious coconut shrimp) so we got the Onion Rings. For $7.99, we got a great deal- they were HUGE! It came with a horse-radish sauce (wasn't our favorite) and a pineapple type sauce that was the best. For drinks, my husband got his typical Fat Tire (being able to provide that always raises his estimation on the quality of a place!) and the kids and I got the signature Lemon Breeze drinks. These are made with fresh-squeezed sugar cane juice over ice with an extra shaker.

Personally I never order burgers at restaurants (I don't know- weird thing cause you can get a burger at McD...I want REAL food!) but that's what my husband got along with yellow rice and black beans. The side dish was actually really good and I have to say that the Wood-Grilled Angus Burger was tasty, too. (Cost: $8.99)
My daughter got the Coconut Shrimp dish (Cost: $15.79) since she had liked the appetizer we got last time, and I got the Calypso Pasta (Cost: $16.99) which was a TON of noodles with white sauce and shrimp. I opted for the full size portion so I'd have extra for leftovers. GOOD decision! Normally I'm more of a fan of red sauce over white but I liked this. Only dislike was that it seemed like it's something they just cook in bulk- not a special dish for me and considering it's one of their signature dishes, I'm sure that's true but it was good none the less.

Now my son had the best tasting dish on the table- the Smothered Pork Tenderloin (Cost: $16.29). Creamed spinach and cheese topped this perfectly cooked piece of pork. OH. YUM. 
We decided against dessert this time (we wanted to hit Cold Stone Creamery) but we hope to go back soon!
Their direct Recipe link:
OK- HAD to add the bathroom!  My daughter and I can't get over that they have a mouthwash dispenser LOL

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