Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Eatin' Out 'N' About at Sizzler ~ Tukwila, WA

After 8pm on a Saturday night
16615 Southcenter Parkway Tukwila, WA 98188 know you can't say Sizzler without saying "Sizzzzzzzzler" just like from the commercials!!!!  Do they even play those commercials anymore?  My 16 year old daughter didn't know what it was so while we were driving on our way home from a baseball game one night and wanted to avoid fast food, we thought we'd try it out.
It has been QUITE awhile since I've eaten here and I don't remember the ordering being Country Buffet Style.  You stand in line with a single menu on the wall and have to order EVERYthing right there before you go in.  Was odd and left us feeling like we weren't sure what we got!

So you order your food then a waiter takes you to your choice of a booth or table (we do booths), brings your drinks, and free Texas Toast.  It had been raining at our baseball game so we were all damp so we thought of asking for new seats away from the air conditioning blowing right on us but the waiter said it was no big deal- he just turned it down.

4 year old Corbin got his standard Chicken Strips and Fries but it also came with a buffet-looking Jello that -rightfully so- scared him (it was watery but Dave ate it anyway).  Fries were nice and crisp which Corbin liked but he wouldn't touch the strips....probably because they weren't McD round!
I ordered the 6oz Steak with Giant Shrimp and for my side- a baked potato.  The steak was good though it didn't have much "bite" to it....I had to add A1 Sauce :(  The rest was good...nothing spectacular.  Since I usually order fish (my hubby won't let seafood in our house), red meat was a nice treat!
Jordan got the 10oz Steak with fries.  She ordered it medium-rare but it was over-cooked.  The waiter was sweet about it but I did notice a "chef" kinda guy was the one to re-take her order and bring out her new steak.  It was nice, though, because they told us to take home the first steak for our dog (we gave it to our 12 yr old who wasn't with us).  When she got the right steak, it was perfect- very good!  Makes me wish I had ordered that instead.
Now Dave's Malibu Chicken Platter looked a little scary but was actually good....kinda like a cordon blue.  As we were finishing off, and it was close to closing, our waiter came back to tell us we could have free ice cream from the buffet but by the time we got over there, just two brownies and one bowl of ice cream were left.  Since two HUGE groups came in while we were there, I'm nut surprised it was all gone.  It got me to thinking that Sizzler is a better choice than pizza for a sports end-of-the-year-party!
In the end, you got mints, a survey card with a chance to win a $50 gift card, and a flyer with a two coupons good for 2 Steak Dinners for $11.98.  Guess that means we'll be coming back!

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