Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Eatin' Out 'N' About at Johnny Rockets - Kent Station, WA

A Friday afternoon 
418 Ramsey Way Kent Station Kent, WA 98032 
We headed to Kent Station to do a little school shopping before Dave's baseball game but ended up just having enough time to grab something to eat.  Normally we go to my FAVorite Zao Noodle Bar (for some reason it's closed at this location?) so we had to find another alternative.  Kent is a GREAT date night place- lots of good restaurants...but not much as far as fast-food or saving-money with a family of four.  Luckily there was a Johnny Rocket's right there which we haven't been to in awhile.  
For some reason, it was one of those so-glad-we're-out-in-public kind of meals where the 4yr old is ticked about going to somewhere new to him and the 16yr old....not sure what her issue was but there's nothing like squabbling while ordering!  

Dave and I both got The Original which came with shredded lettuce, fresh tomato (Dave gave me his), chopped onions, relish, pickle, mustard and mayo (both of us ordered NO mayo).  The bread had been grilled on the inside so it was YUMmy.  Dave thought it could have done without the relish but other than that- he thought it was good.  My only issue was that it seemed kinda...messy.  Nothing was soggy but it was kinda hard to eat.  

I LOVE that I got to order a "shot" of vanilla into my Diet Coke
Burger of The Day- Single Special w/fries and drink

Jordan had the Rocket Single Special which was the same as ours but came with special sauce and cheese.  She had even a harder time eating her burger since it was leaking all over (Dave said it was probably wet lettuce).  Her fries were good and she shared them with little Corbin.  They weren't salty and when you tried to self-salt, it wouldn't stick.  Which I guess it means they weren't overly greasy!

During past visits, the wait staff would sing and perform but they probably save that for when there are more than three families dining. My only complaint would be the bathroom.  It looked like they have issues keeping the toilet unclogged...wouldn't flush right (I didn't go in there until we were leaving).  ewwww.

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