Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Eatin' Out 'N' About at KC's Caboose ~Sumner

Casey's Engine House (or KC's Caboose) in Sumner at 1012 Main St
Sumner, WA 98390 on Sunday, June 13th about 2 pm. 

Though we thought we'd still be hitting the after-church-crowd, the restaurant had customers but wasn't really busy. May have to do with Sumner is pretty much shut down on Sundays.

Supposedly a bakery/German Restaurant, at first glance you wonder why it's classified as such since there was NO bakery items in the display case (maybe a no bake day?), and the German items- schnitzel and braut/knockwurst were at the bottom of the menu on the 3rd page. Filled with mainly breakfast items, sandwiches, and salads, I was disappointed in no actual "entrees" to choose from so I usually order that over salads/sandwiches. The prices seemed a little high, but after we got our generous sized portions, that part made sense.

The main dishes came with your choice of hot or cold potato salad, fries, salads, fries, or soup of the day. My husband Dave decided to get an open-face home-made chili burger with fries along with a cup of coffee, the 4 yr old just got a sprite (hit McDonald's on the way over- was no kid's items as far as we could tell), and I got the schnitzel chicken cordon-blue sandwich with the hot potato salad and a diet coke. 

The Chili Burger was a beef patty on a toasted bun with home-made chili topped with onion and cheese. The burger was average but the chili was good- had big chunks of peppers. Fries that came on the side were nice and crispy. Very generous portion! Condiments did not come on the table.

Schnitzel Chicken Sandwich looked to be about 6-9". Served open, the chicken had two large thin pieces of chicken overlapping on one side and lettuce, tomato, onions and 3 pickles on the other. Never "having" schnitzel before (when I looked it up, it's definition is just meat coated in breadcrumbs and fried), I wasn't sure what it would be like but it didn't look very "cordon-bluey" and after asking, the chef had made a mistake and just made the regular chicken schnitzel sandwich. Since it was tasty, I told them it didn't matter. Chicken was not dry but wasn't soggy either and only thing I would have changed was more pickles and wish I would have passed on the mayo since warm mayo kinda grosses me out. The side dish of warm potato salad was like it sounds and had been cooked in sauerkraut juice by the taste of it. There was a tiny bit of onions and bacon...wish it would of had more of both. 

The waitress was OK though not overly friendly. They did refill my soda without me asking but they forgot to charge us for child's soda which we had to point out. Also, a different waitress handled our issue with the wrong sandwich- our own never asked us about it though she knew. Girl's bathroom was passable though it wasn't clear where it was- had to ask. Clean, but no bags in the small garbage cans. There's a stall for one toilet but if you need the handicapped, you have to lock the entire bathroom. 

As far as seating, there's an awkward looking table in the front but you have a fun view of the street. We were down the hall on the bottom floor which had an unattractive view of servers area. There was additional seating upstairs, and when Dave poked his head up there, he said it looked cleaner and there was more seating choices. Since it's supposed to remind you of an "engine", I guess that would explain the low, dark seating...we liked the funky old newsprint style tablecloth- gave you something to read while waiting for your food.

We will for sure be eating there again to try something else. Customers that were there seemed to be regulars (one said he didn't even need a menu) so that says a lot about it! Sumner is one of my favorite places to window shop, and all the houses are so charming so it was nice to be able to take a walk afterwards to work off the food :)

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