Saturday, September 11, 2010

Eatin' Out 'N' About at The Iron Grill Mongolian BBQ ~ Covington, WA

To celebrate our friend Heather's 40th Birthday, she wanted to go shopping at Kohl's and since Iron Grill was within walking distance, a few of us went there for dinner beforehand.  Having never been here before, we weren't sure what to expect but the employees were all nice, the place was clean, and the prices were good (what more could you ask for in casual dining???).
So- pick a bowl, decide on a meat (Dani paid extra for the shrimp- wasn't worth it!) and then tell them your drink (they even had beer!).
With bowl in hand, go through the buffet and pick out veggies, noodles, and then make your own sauce... AHHH- the pressure!
Note:  there IS an extra charge for over-loading the bowl! Whoops- didn't know that haha. The food is cooked in full view (though not in front of you like at Benihana). 
When they give you the finished plate (can get to-go), they give you a free side of steamed rice.  The whole thing was SOOOO good!!!  
Heather opening all her presents!!!  Always the best part of the evening. Can't wait to see what you do with what's in that little black envelope.....
Love.  This.  Photo.  The joy on your face is adorable :)

WHAT I BOUGHT!  Well, only the purse is from Kohl's (so Dani- IS it shallow to want it because the Vera Wang label is showing?  LOLOLOL).  I love how the strap doubles to make it shorter.  I also bought collapsible black cotton storage containers that Dawn decided to not get (Only $2 a piece on do you pass that up?).   Thanks girls for letting me stop by Payless for their sale (nothing like a disposable shoe!)- I adore these denim ones though I generally don't buy denim for accessories. Since it was BOGO, of course I had to get two things!  I'm liking the silver flats...though a little less since after having them hurt my feet the next day...  Anywho- HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEATHER!  thanks for letting us spend the evening with you.
BTW- that's my new floor we're putting in!

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