Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Flick- Four Christmases (released 2008)

Did you know Christmas is in about 90 days?  Made me feel like watching a holiday movie!  Was disappointed though....

This is a story about a self-absorbed couple named Kate (Reese Witherspoon from Legally Blonde) and Brad (Vince Vaughn from The Break Up) that lies to their parents every holiday so that way they can go on vacations instead of being home with their families.  Because like Brad says, "You really can't spell FAMILIES without LIES".

NOT my favorite Christmas Movie.  My husband and myself actually have four extra family households, too, so I can understand their whole concept on stretching yourself thin on the holidays but this was a day that lasted waaaaaay to long.  How could they have seen all four groups in one day without having set leaving times?  And yes, I know families can be mean but each of theirs goes to the extreme so it actually is more silly than funny.

During the course of this "day", they find out that they really don't know each other very much which is not surprising since they spend all their time as a couple being overly-barfingly-romantic.  In the first few scenes, you expect one of them to start sputtering cutsey names to go along with their thoughtful surprise gifts....and in the conversation about going on their trip to Fiji, you wonder if she's pretending to be somebody she's not by just saying what she thinks he wants to hear (course that could be a small clue to issues later on).

I did enjoy the family members (can't believe Grandma said what she would like to give as a present!) with Brad's dad (Robert Duvall) reminding me of somebody in my extended family.  I did NOT like the church scenes.  Tacky.

Favorite part of the movie:  Was their quotes!  Too many to list them all but I like this one because I LOVE me some McD and have done a ghetto review on Sizzler: 

(when getting cruddy comp for cancelled flight) "Would it be possible to take us out to Sizzler and then to McDonald's as dessert?"  

and then the other: (talking about having kids) "We have no plans for the future....we would've ended up living in some home playing bingo- in Florida.  But now we can live with them!"

**********************SPOILER ALERT************************

Wasn't it weird that when they were at Brad's mom's house for dinner, only ONE of the brothers came over?  And why did they have to go to Kate's mom's AND dad's when they mom came back over later to be at the Dad's?? Also, who doesn't tell their parents that they are having a baby...let alone that they're pregnant?  I get the tie-in closing with the comedy angle but made me like them less!  ....AND- I know it's "just a movie" but new-born babies can't projectile vomit!  JUST SAYING!

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