Saturday, September 4, 2010

Eatin' Out 'N' About at Sweet Necessities ~ Enumclaw, WA

On a Tuesday Afternoon....
1215 Griffin Ave Enumclaw, WA 98022 360-802-5475
No web-site or on Facebook

This is one of those fab-to-die-for little gourmet chocolate places that you don't expect to find in a small town and we count ourselves lucky to live by!

The Hungry Housewives just finished lunch at Cafe Panini practically kitty-corner to here and decided to introduce our friend Dani to Sweet Necessities' amazing mochas (they use REAL FUDGE for the mocha flavor.  To DIE for.)

Though there is only one person in front of us, we have a little bit of a wait.  They are known for quality ...this is not fast food!  I feel a tad bad for the mom with the kid demanding ice cream behind us but not enough to let them go ahead because the others could be finished with their drinks before I'm seated.

The front counter is FILLED with the prettiest chocolates you'll ever see.  You wish you could buy everything!  Would make lovely gifts to give anybody.

While we wait, we look around and check everything out.  In the back is gourmet pastas, sauces, cards, kitchen gadgets, candy, and gifts.

My other fav thing about this shop is the tea-wall.  Before I worked (briefly) as a Barista, I was a tea only type of girl, and the selection here makes you curl your toys with happiness!

There are a few tables and chairs with cushions with complimentary newspapers to read but we opt to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.

It is one of our favorite places for that extra-special-treat (my husband and I went here after our last date) if you want something "good" or a candy stick for the kids.   While we were there, the place filled up with parents and their little ones (though if I'm with my 3 kids and we just want to cool off, my budget's a tad tight to pay almost $4 each for a single scoop ice cream).
Everything tasted's a definite must-go!!

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