Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Flick- The Mirror Has Two Faces (released 1996)

I adore this movie- I know it's an oldie but it's a definite MUST SEE.

In an ugly duckling tale, this is a romantic comedy about college professor Rose (Barbra Steisand) who is single and lives with her mother (Lauren Bacall).  Constantly struggling with being the unattractive one in the family and still hurt over her sister (Mimi Rogers) marrying her boyfriend, Rose is ready to give up on men.

Meanwhile, Gregory (Jeff Bridges) who is also a college professor, finds that when he is around beautiful women, they can take advantage of him and he can't seem to think straight which is why it took him years to finish a book he was writing.  He decides to post an ad for an intelligent woman, over 35 yrs old, and looks are NOT important to which Rose's sister decides to play match maker and replies to the ad without Rose knowing.    After a few months, Gregory proposes a marriage of intellectual "friendship" which complicates when Rose finally decides she wants more.

This movie goes over so much - jealousy with family members, relationships, sex vs. love, and friendship.  As one of the characters says after the wedding, "I'm sure you'll both be very fascinating to watch".

My favorite part in this movie:  ahhh- there are too many!  I love her "perfect bite" and how she loves to eat!  Jeff Bridges is just adorable.  Also, the awkwardness of their marriage is just too it.

Favorite quote: "No matter where I go, what I do, there he is!  In the kitchen, on the phone.....on my finger!" from Rose's sister on her dissatisfaction on being married.

*************************SPOILER ALERT***********************************

So funny when on their non-sexual wedding night, they decide to watch a movie but you can tell Rose wants to consummate the relationship.  Then my favorite part is when she goes through a make-over and Gregory loses his head LOL.

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