Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Flick- Eat, Pray, Love (released 2010)

The Hungry Housewives and friends went to see this movie as a group to celebrate a Birthday.  We all went -hoping- that it was good though the reviews had not been favorable.

As we walk into the movie theater entrance and hand the guy our ticket, he says, "Let me guess- you're going to see Eat, Pray, Crap."  Oh lovely.  Not sure if that's his opinion on all chick-flicks or just this one but we're STILL hoping for a good movie!

Based upon the best selling book (only one of us have read it), Eat Pray Love is a drama/romance starring Julia Roberts as Liz- a woman who, after seeing a Medicine Man about her love life, divorces her husband and tries to figure out .....everything.  The title itself depicts the chapters of her self-discovery:  she travels to Italy where she eats until she has a muffin top, she then holes herself up in a meditation compound in India (to pray) and then finally she ends up in Brazil where you hope she can learn to love.

I liked the first part of the movie (who doesn't like movies about food?) and adored the part in Brazil (the MEN?  yum.) but I found myself rolling my eyes a few times in the middle.  NOT that it wasn't an important part of her journey, and NOT that I'm scoffing at the lessons she's just that it seemed to drag on forever (my friend that read it, said it was the worst part of the book, too).  You just wanted to tell them to go home and figure out their problems instead of hiding!  (oops- sorry.  My bad.  Must be my father's "get over it" influence).  

I liked the characters in the movie with the exception of her husband (creepy and kinda...greasy) and the rebound buy (besides being young, what is the attraction???).  But all the others were great- the people she meets in Italy makes me want to visit SO bad!  And though he's rough around the edges, you end up liking Richard-From-Texas that she meets in India and, as I mentioned before, the Brazil men are H.O.T. and you just want to hug the little Medicine Man.  Note: Favorite Brazilian was Javier Bardem (No Country For Old Men and Love In The Time Of Cholera).

I don't recommend watching this on the big screen (though it was perfect for a night out for us) but I know I'll be watching it again.  And maaayyyybbbee reading the book (I'll try not to skip the middle!).

Favorite parts of the movie:  everything about Italy makes me sigh.  Also, when you hear one of the Brazilians talking about his kids, it amazes you that his wife left him.  Idiot.

Favorite quotes: "Having a baby is like having a tattoo on your face.  You kind of want to be committed."  "You don't need a man, you need a champion" (sounds even better when said by a hot Brazilian). "You're going to have to learn to select your thoughts the same way you select your clothes every day."  haha- the same could be said about the words that come out of our mouths!

LEAST favorite part of the movie:  her clothes.  Gag.  (which kind of makes the quote above funny).  With the exception of while she was in India, it makes you wonder if the gal had bad taste or that they were trying to "ugly up" Julia Roberts (though the actual character is pretty). 

****************************SPOILER ALERT*****************************

During certain times in this movie, I wasn't sure I liked the main character.  I mean really.  She seemed kinda weepy (the flash backs were weird) and not a very committed type of person.  I'm sure the book goes into more details but I'm assuming her issues stemmed from always having a steady stream of relationships but still....made her a tiny unlikeable.  I think the guy in the end is -just a tad- too good for her!  Though by reading her bio, they are (gasp) happily living in New Jersey.  Also, sadly, her friend Richard-The-Texan that she meets in India recently passed away.  Read more on the author, her book, and character updates at:

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